Under Co-CEO David Johnson, Cane Bay Helped the U.S. Virgin Islands Recover From Two Hurricanes

Cane Bay Partners is an international consulting firm headquartered in the United States Virgin Islands. Focusing on assisting clients in the financial services industry, Cane Bay offers a wide variety of services that frequently make a real difference for client companies.

Cane Bay has also become a highly engaged and committed member of the community that hosts its headquarters. Thanks to the efforts of partners like David Johnson Cane Bay has even contributed significantly to recovery from major natural disasters.

An Especially Beautiful but Vulnerable Place

Tourism is a cornerstone of the economy of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and understandably so. The Virgin Islands are admired worldwide for their beauty and climate, but troubles of various kinds cannot always be kept at bay even from such an idyllic place.

In particular, the Virgin Islands fairly frequently suffer from tropical storms and hurricanes that sweep through the region. In 2017, a pair of hurricanes hit the islands with a one-two punch that was more or less unprecedented.

With the two landfalls being separated by only a few weeks, the damage that followed was predictably severe. Residents of all the most populous islands were left without power and access to safe drinking water, with many also lacking food and other essentials.

Cane Bay Steps Up to Help

Johnson and others at Cane Bay decided to commit personal and corporate resources to help out in the recovery effort that ensued. A new nonprofit called “Cane Bay Cares” was formed to provide much-needed assistance.

In addition to adding their own substantial contributions, the firm’s partners also quickly raised a great deal of money from donors located elsewhere. All told, they were able to come up with enough funding to purchase dozens of generators, thousands of bottles of purified water, and tons of food.

With all of these resources gathered, Cane Bay Cares then set about distributing them to maximize their impact. That meant thousands of residents of St. Croix and other islands nearby suddenly found themselves receiving truly welcome support. This fast, effective response to a devastating pair of hurricanes ended up being an especially critical component of the overall relief effort.